2017.第45卷第2期(Vol. 45 No. 2).pp. 137–160


A Study of an Elementary Science Teacher Writing Science Reading Materials for Children: A Collaborative Action Research

葉翠英、靳知勤(Tsuei-Yin YEH & Chi-Chin CHIN)





This study focused on an elementary science teacher who conducted collaborative action research with her supervising professor to write science reading materials for children. The teacher interacted with her professor while writing the reading materials. This study especially paid attention to the problems they encountered, the strategies adopted, and the effect achieved. At first, “global warming” was selected as the theme for practicing writing. Then, to facilitate self-reflection, the teacher was requested to produce more products in a variety of genres. Finally, well-known storylines were adopted as guidelines for her to infuse with environmental elements, and the new version of storylines was implemented in the classroom. During the 16-month research period, the teacher produced 18 reading materials. She also wrote reflective diaries based on her engagement in the writing process. This study used narrative writing to report the problems she faced, the strategies for solving the problems, the interaction with various persons and tasks, and the improvement through stages. At the end of this article, the authors reflected on the whole process of action research, and proposed the possible trend of writing science reading materials in the future.

Keywords: global warming; science teachers; collaborative action research; children’s science books; science writing