On the Objectives of Teacher Education

1992.第20卷第1期(Vol. 20 No. 1).pp. 43–48


On the Objectives of Teacher Education


Kwok-Keung LAU(劉國強)


Any reform or reorganization of teacher education programs needs a rethinking of the objectives of teacher education. Although there has been too little discussion of the goals of teacher education among teacher educators who hold different basic viewpoints on teacher education, the author of this paper looks into some viewpoints of prominent scholars which mainly appear in teacher education journals. After brief and essential report and comparison of some different viewpoints, the author concludes that good and more adequate objectives for teacher education should be more inclusive and encompassing, including at least the acquisition of knowledge, the training of teaching skills and methods, the development of a mature personality as a teacher, the promotion of the understanding of the psychological and moral development of student, the fostering of an independent, inquisitive and reflective mind both in himself and in students, the concern for world peace, and the continue emphasis on educational research. All these should be important objectives for Hong Kong teacher education.