Quality Control Mechanisms for Appraising the Teaching Labour Force

1992.第20卷第1期(Vol. 20 No. 1).pp. 25–35


Quality Control Mechanisms for Appraising the Teaching Labour Force


Peter Tim-Kui TAM(譚添鉅)


To maintain the quality in the teaching force, the use of control mechanisms is necessary. Drawn from research reports on teacher appraisal mainly with reference to the United States, the author suggests a general teacher evaluation framework, hopefully to be useful in Hong Kong and elsewhere, for the understanding of the quality control mechanisms. In this framework, six areas of teacher evaluation are identified, including evaluation of teachers, in-service new staff action, professional development, staff appraisal, state-controlled and peer-controlled licensure. Within each area, the governance and examples of quality control mechanisms with relative cost indications in terms of high, medium, and low are identified. Issues in the design and implementation of the evaluation mechanisms are discussed. It is also argued that, without a workable system of control mechanisms, the yield and dividents from the investments proposed in the Education Commission Report No. 5 are just hard to predict.