1990.第18卷第2期(Vol. 18 No. 2).pp. 99–106



Teacher's Professional Organization, State Power, and Bureaucratic Authority: An Analysis of the Directions and Strategies for Professionalization of School-teachers in Hong Kong

曾榮光(Wing-Kwong TSANG)




The essay begins with an explication of theoretical models developed in the field of the sociology of the profession in recent years. Then the theses on teacher's occupational statuses within both the socio-political context of modern state and the bureaucratic context of modern school are eluciated. Based on these two lines of inquiry, a theoretical framework is constructed in analyzing the orientations and strategies of teacher's professionalization. Applying the framework to the context of Hong Kong, we find that school teachers and their organizations have been excluded from and dominated by a long established corporatism made up of the Hong Kong Government and the school sponsoring bodies. Hence, it suggests that the directions and strategies for teacher's professionalization in Hong Kong are to fight for the status of corporate body within the educational institution and to transform the form of domination prevailing in schools which is based on either traditional or bureaucratic authorities into collegial domination which is built upon professional autonomy.