1998.第13卷第2期(Vol. 13 No. 2).pp. 245–254


Teaching Local History: Approach, Method and Technique

馮志明(Chi-Ming FUNG)


本文嘗試從教育學的角度,對本地史教學的觀念、方法和技巧作出一些反思,並探討初中教師如何運用一些具體的教學法,以情激趣,以史尋理,實踐教育目標,提高教學質量。筆者歷年從事本地史的教學和研究工作,亦曾參與由香港大學舉辦的教師培訓課程,對歷史教育改革的迫切性體會頗深。有鑒於教育署剛在 1998–99學年正式把本地史列入初中歷史科課程,加上本地史教學仍在起步和探索階段,很多非主修歷史但又要兼教初中歷史科的教師,在講授新教材的時候明顯碰到了較多的難點。正因如此,本地史教學確實是值得研究的一門科學。筆者希望利用這個園地,把一些個人的教學實踐和心得體會,公諸同好。但這只是個開端,筆者期望大家也能從改進歷史教學方法的角度,從事各方面的研究。


This article is written in the hope of sharing views on the teaching of local history in Hong Kong and calling for more profound thoughts, in the light of the implementation of a local history curriculum for Secondary 1 to 3 in the school year 1998–99. The objectives and teaching scheme of this local history curriculum package are first appraised and the use of history education as a vehicle for achieving educationally significant goals expounded. A brief note on the leadership role of teachers in making this endeavour successful is then given. Some pedagogical techniques together with living examples — all in accordance with the spirit of a "student-centred" approach to learning — are suggested as to permit their use at various levels. These are not intended to be exhaustive of all the treatises on the methods of teaching local history; it is flexible enough to enable teachers to be creative and innovative in designing their own instructional strategies geared to their needs in the frontline.