A Study on School Effect: Analysis of HKAL Examination Results

1992.第7卷(Vol. 7).pp. 41–49

A Study on School Effect: Analysis of HKAL Examination Results

Hing-Chung LAW(羅慶琮)


Students from a stratified random sample of 33 schools are studied of the school effect on their HKAL results. It is found that schools with high average HKAL results are not necessarily the more effective schools. Even if adjusted for the intake of HKCE grades, in general, schools which are effective for more able students are found to be less effective for students with lower HKCE grades. Thus, it is very misleading to compare the effectiveness of school without reference to a particular range of student ability. The effects of changing schools in sixth forms and the school homogeneity are also explored. The results are not conclusive. However, it is suggested that students in the arts stream might have suffered from changing schools and the most disadvantage students are those with low intake HKCE grades and study in schools whose students are of generally low ability.