A Contingency Study of the Relationship between Principal's Leadership Behavior and Teachers' Organizational Commitment

1991.第6卷(Vol. 6).pp. 53–62

A Contingency Study of the Relationship between Principal’s Leadership Behavior and Teachers’ Organizational Commitment

Pong-Yiu YUEN & Yin-Cheong CHENG(Pong-Yiu YUEN、鄭燕祥)


This cross-sectional correlation study aimed at understanding the conditions under which a principal could lead. The conceptualization of the study was built upon basic structure of contingency approaches of leadership. Both affective and continuance commitment of teachers were employed as criteria measures of principal's leadership behaviors. The main study tested nine characteristics of teacher and five types of teaching characteristics. Three interactions which contributed significantly to organizational commitments were found. All of them demonstrated that the relationship between principal's leadership behaviors and organizational commitment of teachers will be moderated in the presence of a certain characteristic in school. The results also supported Kerr's substitute theory in the setting of Hong Kong Aided Secondary Schools. For affective commitment of teachers, professional orientation was found to substitute for the supportive behavior of principals. On the other hand, teaching experience was found to neutralize the supportive behavior of principals as related to continuance commitment of teachers.