1988.第3卷(Vol. 3).pp. 87–93


The Influence of Sponsoring Bodies on the Secondary Schools in Hong Kong

賀國強、周昇(Kwok-Keung HO & Sing CHOW)




Glancing through the Education Ordinance and the Code of Aid for Schools, one would notice that sponsoring bodies play an important role in the development and administration of schools in Hong Kong. The present study tries to use the survey method to find out the influence of different sponsoring bodies on nine aspects of secondary schools in Hong Kong.

The survey was done by sending a questionnaire to all the secondary schools in Hong Kong. After five rounds of reminders for replies from the secondary schools, a return rate of 98% was reached. Data analysis was carried out along nine different aspects of secondary schools in Hong Kong. They are: founding year of the school, sex of students, curriculum, size of the campus, number of special rooms, extracurricular activities, alumni associations, parents' association and medium of instruction.

Except for the aspect of parents' association, it was found that sponsoring bodies had significant influence on all the other eight aspects of the secondary schools. Furthermore, religious sponsoring bodies have played a very important role in secondary education in Hong Kong ever since the beginning of Hong Kong under the British rule.

Lastly, the results of the study indicate that the number of school places provided for the students in Hong Kong secondary schools have almost met the need of the society. However, the quality of secondary education is still far from ideal.