1988.第3卷(Vol. 3).pp. 54–60


Teachers' Perception of a Good Teacher

盧林發、蕭麗萍(Lam-Fat LO & Teresa Lai-Ping SIU)




The present study aims at identifying the traits of a good teacher in Hong Kong and its neighboring city Guangzhou, and comparing the differences in this concept between the two cities. Two representative samples, one of 1,000 Hong Kong teachers and the other of 250 Guangzhou teachers were selected. A self-constructed questionnaire was sent to the sampled teachers for rating. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were found satisfactory. The number of nonresponses was within the range of acceptance.

It was found that the 10 important traits of a good teacher as perceived by Hong Kong and Guangzhou teachers were more or less balanced between presage and professional traits. Of these 10 traits, eight were common to both cities and two were specific to individual city. However, the first important trait as perceived by teachers from both cities was identical. It is therefore reasonable to believe that teachers from both cities have similar perception of a good teacher although there are slight variation in their perceptions.

The equal importance of presage and professional traits as perceived by both Hong Kong and Guangzhou teachers contrasts the prevailing belief in western countries that professional traits are more weighted. This might be attributable to the differences in educational development and cultural tradition between eastern and western countries.

The significant interactions between city and goal orientation, between city and performance satisfaction, between city and sex, and between city and teaching experience were possibly due to the differences in perception of a good teacher between Hong Kong and Guangzhou teachers of various dimensions such as teachers' promotion prospects, salary scale, working environment, school resources, social status, and the interplay of these factors between the two cities.