2008.第17卷第2期(Vol. 17 No. 2).pp. 97–123


An Examination of the Development of Civic Education in Macao in the Post-1999 Era

黃素君(Sou-Kuan VONG)





This research stems from the Chief Executive’s Annual Addresses of the Special Administrative Region of Macao since 1999. It is an attempt to examine the content and orientation of civic education in Macao in the Post-1999 era through an analysis of the current practices of civic education offered by different government organizations and the private sector. The research objectives are as follows: (1) to explore the discourses of civic education in different historical contexts; (2) to examine the appropriateness of multidimensional forms of civic education (in particular, national education) and explore the positioning, meaning and value of civic education for future betterment and development of Macao. The research findings showed that: (1) civic education was positioned as one of the important policies advocated by the local government in response to various kinds of social issues following the return of sovereignty to China and problems arising from the opening-up of gaming licenses; (2) the discourse of civic education had been fluid and had developed to become the “panacea” to all social problems; (3) there were multidimensional forms of civic education found at different levels of society with diversified content and different focal points; (4) there was blurring of citizenship identity issues and challenges arising from the local/state relationship and globalization.