Promoting Use of the Internet in English Language Teaching

2003.第12卷第2期(Vol. 12 No. 2).pp. 155–174

Promoting Use of the Internet in English Language Teaching


Evelyn Yee-Fun MAN & Jenny LIM(文綺芬、林菁怡)


Research shows that local teachers have difficulty integrating information technology (IT) into their teaching and that less than 10% of teachers have conducted computer-mediated learning activities in their classrooms or used e-mail or the Internet for teaching purposes (CITE, 2001). This article addresses the problem of pedagogical application of IT in English language teaching. The article first surveys common problems experienced by teachers when using IT for classroom teaching, followed by a description of the potential of the Internet as tools for research, communication and publication. The article relates IT use to the local English curriculum and focuses on the components and criterial features of task-based learning through which students are provided with a purposeful context in which to learn and use the target language for meaningful communication. Examples are used to exemplify the application of IT for more interactive learning and teaching at Key Stages 2–4 of the local English language curriculum. The aim is to encourage teachers to make better use of resources available on the Internet and modify the examples suggested for their own classroom use.