A Descriptive Study of Teachers’ Value Orientations in Physical Education

2002.第11卷第2期(Vol. 11 No. 2).pp. 55–74

A Descriptive Study of Teachers’ Value Orientations in Physical Education


Amy Sau-Ching HA(夏秀禎)


The purpose of this research was twofold. The first objective was to provide a description of the value orientation of Hong Kong physical education teachers. Secondly, the research would provide an analysis of value orientation from a sample of these teachers. Specifically, this study examined the impact of gender, experience and school level on teachers' value orientations. The revised Value Orientation Inventory (Ennis and Chen, 1993) was used to collect data from 160 physical educators who were teaching either in primary or secondary schools in Hong Kong. Descriptive statistics were computed for each of five value orientations. A one-way analysis of variance tests was used to make comparisons between the scores of gender, experience and school level. The analysis of the data indicated that for male teachers, disciplinary mastery orientation was given a significantly higher priority than their female counterparts. On the other hand, both female teachers and primary school teachers placed considerably more emphasis on social responsibility. Based on teaching experience of the participants, no significant difference was found between the categories.