Principles for Redesigning Teacher Education

1996.第6卷第1及2期(Vol. 6 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 19–27

Principles for Redesigning Teacher Education


Alan TOM


In order to establish a basis for redesigning initial teacher preparation, the author examines two instances during his career when he was excited in his work as a teacher educator. He also analyzes external barriers to achieving excitement in teacher education, including not only state and national regulation of teacher education but also the low status of teacher education in the United States. Barriers are also created by three questionable beliefs which are widely accepted among teacher educators, namely, that subject matter and pedagogy are separable, that pedagogical knowledge is critically important in teacher education, and that specialized knowledge is the core of pedagogical knowledge. Eleven principles for redesigning teacher education are proposed as a way both of capturing the essential attributes of exciting teacher education and of addressing the external barriers and the three mistaken beliefs. Also considered are the reform ideas of John Goodlad and the attempt to encourage reform by posing the question of what teacher education is fruitful is yet to be determined; additional experience with reform efforts is needed.


作者檢視他過往熱心地訓練準教師時的兩個事例,作為改革教師教育的根據。作者分析導致美國的教師教育了無生氣的外在原因,除了州政府和國家頒下的規定外,還有教師社會地位的低微。作者認為教師教育存在三個不正確的想法,即是,內容與教學法是分割的;教學知識至為重要;教學知識的核心為專門知識。這些想法更成為教師教育的障礙。有鑒於此,作者建議了十一項革新教師教育的原則。同時,作者亦提倡 John Goodlad 的改革意見,以及有關教師的應有知識與技能的改革的嘗試。他以為改革能否成功似是言之尚早,因為我們還需更多有關改革的經驗和知識。