1996.第6卷第1及2期(Vol. 6 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 11–17


The Highly Qualified Teacher's Training for China's Basic Education in the 21st Century

陳永明(Yongming CHEN)




The transformation from "knowledge transmitting" to "knowledge creating" in this century experienced an important reformation period. China, like other countries in the world, recognized that the key point in regenerating basic education lies in the improvement of teacher's qualities. The situation and characteristics of highly qualified teacher's training for China's basic education can be summarized into ten points: (1) establish an ideal image of teacher; (2) propagate effectively the idea that teachers are to be respected and education stressed; (3) initiate the ideology of lifelong education; (4) adapt to the development of society; (5) lay emphasis on the study of basic education; (6) implement the training of millions of primary and secondary school headmasters; (7) train especially the mainstay of teachers; (8) promote the integration of record of formal schooling and basic quality; (9) strengthen international cooperation; (10) promote the diversity of teacher's training.

Nevertheless, teacher's training faced strong influence from the market economy, reformation of the volatibility of informational era and the existence crisis of teacher's education. How to integrate the eastern fine tradition of respecting teachers with the progressive idea of western teacher's education at a high level, is a worthwhile subject matter deserved an in-depth study facing China's basic education in the 21st century.