1995.第5卷第2期(Vol. 5 No. 2).pp. 39–52


Affective Education and Literary Elements Embedded in Primary School Chinese Text Books of Hong Kong

文玉清(Yuk-Ching MAN)




An all-round development of our children should be taken care by primary education. Most educationists agree that it would be beneficial for a child's affective development if he or she can read more child literature. The easiest way for children to know about child literature is through the text books they use. Also, among the subjects that a child learns in school, Chinese is thought to be the most suitable one for cultivating the child's affective development. This may be the reason why the Syllabus of Primary Chinese lists both the affective development and the language skills as two important aims.

The present study is intended to investigate whether the child literary elements embedded in the text books now used in primary schools in Hong Kong can provide enough learning opportunities for the children and that whether these elements are suitably designed for the psychological and developmental needs of the children. Two sets of text books among the ten recommended by the Education Department were analyzed. Results show that there are enough quantity of good quality child literary elements found in these books that can be used to help childrens' affective development if suitably used by teachers.