1995.第5卷第2期(Vol. 5 No. 2).pp. 11–17


A Review of the Current State of Mathematics Teaching in Hong Kong Primary Schools

黃家鳴、林智中、黃毅英(Ka-Ming WONG, Chi-Chung LAM, & Ngai-Ying WONG)




The mathematics curriculum for Hong Kong primary schools has been in use for over ten years and it is time to conduct an extensive review and reform since this curriculum cannot cope with real learning situations in the present era of universal education. We begin with a report on an exploratory focus group interview in which eight primary school mathematics teachers participated. Four prominent problems have been identified from this discussion, namely, problematic linkages between curricula, inflexible textbook-based teaching, failure to cope with individual differences, and the distortion of school mathematics teaching by aptitude tests. Based on these results, we propose that a review on the curriculum and instruction of primary school mathematics has to address problems in three aspects: (1) a substantial study of the curriculum content as well as the learning targets and linkages between different topics, (2) the search for feasible methods to cope with students'individual differences in learning, and (3) an exploration of concerted programmes in teachers' training and supportive ways for professional development. As a starter for such a curriculum appraisal, we suggest some viable directions for future research and development.