School Counselling in Taiwan: Its Current Development and Issues of Teacher Counsellors' Burnout

1993.第2卷第1期(Vol. 2 No. 1).pp. 35–42


School Counselling in Taiwan: Its Current Development and Issues of Teacher Counsellors’ Burnout


Sue-Ching CHOU


The phenomenon of personal and professional bum-out has been a common theme among the school counsellors in Taiwan. In the schools above college level, personnel renewal of counselling center happens with remarkable frequency. As a consequence, the counselling programs of the schools cannot be implemented continuously, major activities are interrupted, overburden and incompetence of the substitutes lead to numerous mistakes, and the morale of the fellow workers are influenced. It goes without saying that school counsellors in Taiwan should be fully aware of the challenges they are facing. Furthermore, it is even of more importance for them to learn ways of working within an institution with dignity and self-respect.

The paper explores the concept of stress and coping, work stress and professional burnout, role and function of teacher-counsellors in Taiwan, and the Six-Year Promotion Program of Guidance Services. Conclusions with reference to the above topics will also be made.