2007.第35卷第2期(Vol. 35 No. 2).pp. 29–57



Senior Secondary Chinese Language Teachers’ Perceptions on Reading Instruction and Their Instructional Practices Under the Implementation of the New Curriculum

劉潔玲(Kit-Ling LAU)




This study investigated Hong Kong Chinese language teachers’ perceptions on reading instruction and their instructional practices in senior secondary grades under the implementation of the new curriculum. A total of six teachers participated in this study. They come from schools with different bandings, have different years of teaching experiences, and have different levels of familiarity with the new curriculum. On the one hand, the findings of this study indicated that after the new Chinese language curriculum has been implemented for several years, teachers showed a high level of acceptance of the competence-based orientation. They also placed great emphasis on students’ ability development and increased students’ participation in their instructional practices. On the other hand, teachers held different views on the proposed instructional approach of the new curriculum. They pointed out that after the implementation of the new curriculum, students’ language foundation became weaker because they put less effort on memorizing the knowledge. Moreover, most of the teachers still adopted a traditional teacher-centered approach in teaching reading. Implications of these findings for understanding and facilitating Hong Kong teachers’ implementation of the new reading instructional approach are discussed.