Functions of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA): A Hong Kong Perspective

1997.第25卷第1期(Vol. 25 No. 1).pp. 81–106


Functions of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA): A Hong Kong Perspective


I-Wah PANG(龐憶華)


The role of parent involvement has been given considerable attention recently among Hong Kong schools. The number of parent-teacher associations has increased drastically in the past three years. This study attempts to provide an understanding of the purpose of setting up parent- teacher associations (PTA) in Hong Kong. It analyses the data from the surveys and the focus studies of the Home-School Cooperation Research, together with some recent literature, reports and findings about the PTA. Descriptive statistics are used to analyse the perceptions of various actors, including school supervisors, principals, teachers and parents. It was shown that "enhancing school-home communication" was regarded as the most important objective and "involving in school management" as the least important objective of the PTA. The practices of the PTAs are examined. The networking functions of the PTA are discussed. A model of the functions of the PTA is developed. This model consists of the components of purposes, types of interaction and levels of operation. It can be used for diagnostic, reviewing and planning purposes. Lastly, several developing strategies, policy issues and further researches of the PTA are discussed and suggested.