1995.第23卷第2期(Vol. 23 No. 2).pp. 183–198



An Activity Approach to Chinese Language Teaching — The Application of Magnetic Board and Magnetic Cards in Instruction

孫耀民、何萬貫、麥思源(Yiu-Man SUEN, Man-Koon HO, & Se-Yuen MAK)




We believe that teachers should use a variety of instructional strategies and appropiate audio-visual aids in their teaching in order to satisfy the differences in learning needs and learning styles of pupils. The use of magnetic board and magnetic cards (MBMC) for group activities is a viable alternative to traditional seat work in the classroom. In this research, we would like to share with other Chinese teachers the experience we learned through the teaching of an in-service graduated teachers training programme entitled "The Teaching of Academically Low Achieving Students" on how we introduced the MBMC in Chinese language teaching. This article describes how magnetic cards are constructed and what types of games can be used. These are: matching, sorting, combination, filling-in-blanks and "mixed types". The detail of a specific game covering the topic, level, objective, procedure, rule and scoring is provided as an illustrative example to show the use of each game type. Finally, a survey on teachers' response to these games is analyzed to envisage the possibility of further promoting MBMC in the future.