Asian Journal of Counselling

1996 - 第4卷第1及2期(Vol. 4 Nos. 1 & 2)

Theory and Research in Counselling
1 Applying Cognitive-Behavioural Approach in an Anger Management Group for Aggressive Children
Kit-Man TSANG & Suk-Yin FU
摘要 abstract
17 Directive Group Therapy for Form Five Repeaters
Hing-Chung CHOW
摘要 abstract
27 整全性家庭與學校合作的理念
摘要 abstract
43 Focus Group Study on Adolescents' Responses to Interparental Conflicts
Ka-Ching YEUNG
摘要 abstract
55 Managing Stress — The Uses of a Coping-Rest Model and Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques in a Group Setting
Daniel F. K. WONG
摘要 abstract
Issues and Comments
67 Meeting the Unmet Needs: Strategies to Meet Expressed Concern of Single-parents
Fanny W. C. L. LIN
摘要 abstract
75 Counselling in Cases of Sexual Harassment: Relevant Issues and Clinical Strategies
Ursula M. WILDER
摘要 abstract
87 Counselling and Native Healing
Michael P. J. McINTYRE
摘要 abstract
101 Extramarital Affairs: Counselling of the Noninvolved Spouse
Phoebe CHAN
摘要 abstract
Counselling in Practice
111 知己知彼──老年輔導十三誡
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