Asian Journal of Counselling

1993 - 第2卷第2期(Vol. 2 No. 2)

Theory and Research in Counselling
1 A Study on the Effectiveness of Counselling Skill Training Course with Taiwanese University Students
Ping-Hwa CHEN
摘要 abstract
11 Assessment of Marital Outcomes Relative to Expectations: The Chinese Version of the Marital Comparison Level Index
Daniel T. L. SHEK, Mong-Chow LAM, Koon-Wah TSOI & Ching-Man LAM
摘要 abstract
21 我的輔導理論──人的限制
摘要 abstract
29 On Enpowering Clients to Be Responsible Persons: Reflections on My Counselling Approach
Man-Tak YUEN
摘要 abstract
Issues and Comments
39 Counselling in Industry: An Investigation of Occupational Social Work Practice in Hong Kong
Kwok-Keung CHOW
摘要 abstract
55 The Education of International Counseling Psychology Students in the United States
Y. Barry CHUNG
摘要 abstract
61 Mental Health Issues Confronting Asians in the Changing World
Stanley SUE
摘要 abstract
71 Sex, Courtship and Marriage of Mental Ex-patients: The Needs of Sex and Marital Counseling and Education
Kam-Shing YIP
摘要 abstract
Counselling in Practice
79 Testing the Cultural Relevance of Counselling: A Malaysian Case in Point
Johannes F. EVERTS, Dato' MOHD., Yunus MOHD. NOOR
摘要 abstract
87 Personal Reflections in Using Cognitive Therapy in Working with a Depressed Woman
Stephanie O. K. WONG
摘要 abstract
97 Youth Outreach — Crisis Intervention with Marginal Adolescents
摘要 abstract
107 「朝陽方案」──少年犯罪的防治方案
摘要 abstract