Education Journal

The Integration of Instructional Technology in Hong Kong Education

1994.第22卷第2期(Vol. 22 No. 2).pp. 321–330


The Integration of Instructional Technology in Hong Kong Education


Sabrina Su-Fen CHIN(秦素芬)


Technology in the information age has profound impact in our life. Nevertheless, its educational use has not yet been commonly adopted by Hong Kong educators. The goal to educate students become productive citizens in the new era cannot be achieved without the utilization of technology. To integrate technology into educational programs, teachers cannot remain as the traditional information disseminators. They need to change their instructional role, and teaching methods. They must recognize the dynamics of technology in education, validate different learning styles, and have an open mind and positive attitude to embrace technology in their subjects.

School administrators play a very important role in the implementation of technology-integrated-curriculum. Understanding how instructional technology can serve the educational development of Hong Kong is the first and foremost step that an administrator can do and must take. Essential steps for successful staff development programs are suggested.