Education Journal

啟發式心理輔導 ── 一個本土化的心理輔導模式的構思

1994.第22卷第2期(Vol. 22 No. 2).pp. 249–254


啟發式心理輔導 ── 一個本土化的心理輔導模式的構思

Heuristic Counselling — An Indigenous Counselling for Working with Chinese People

岳曉東(Xiao-Dong YUE)




This article demonstrates that the direct use of Western-oriented non-directive counselling approach would encounter three major social conflicts in Chinese society through interviewing a group of college counsellors in Beijing. The significance of the conflicts is explored in relation to the differences in socialization process of the Chinese and the Western societies. In light of these differences, the article proposes the use of a heuristic model of counselling for working with Chinese people, based on the Confucian concept of heurism in teaching. Specifically, the model calls for a more active role in therapeutic interaction for the counsellor and encourages the counsellor to express himself more openly but in a non-imposing way. Thus, the model intends to be an indigenous and pragmatic adaptation of Western modalities of counselling in Chinese society.