Education Journal


1994.第22卷第2期(Vol. 22 No. 2).pp. 221–236



A Theory of School-based Staff Development: Development Matrix

鄭燕祥、譚偉明(Yin-Cheong CHENG & Wai-Ming TAM)




Traditional concepts of staff development emphasize the external control, compensation, transfer of techniques and knowledge, and change of individuals and the role of staff is assumed to be passive. But the new concepts focus on school initiative, development, growth in multiple domains, and change in multiple levels and the role of staff is perceived to be active. Integrating the new trends, this paper aims at establishing a theory of staff development matrix consisting of effect domains, actor categories, and development levels. The theory can provide a new framework for conceptualization and management of staff development in schools and can expand the content of development activities. The proposed principle of congruence sets an important guideline for effective implementation of staff development. Based on the development matrix, different dynamic development cycles can be established at different levels for development of different actors. This paper also discusses how to establish effective staff development program for implementation.