Education Journal

Private Higher Education in Malaysia: Social Implications

1994.第21卷第2期及第22卷第1期(Vol. 21 No. 2 & Vol. 22 No. 1).pp. 157–167


Private Higher Education in Malaysia: Social Implications


Molly N. N. LEE


This paper is aimed at understanding the development of private higher education in Malaysia. It examines the socio-political forces that shape the private education sector, analyses the profile of private education, and infers some social implications to the Malaysian society as a whole. It highlights the rapid expansion of private education, its innovativeness and functions, and the ambivalence of the Malaysian government towards private education. This study shows that private higher education only plays a peripheral role in Malaysia. The private sector does not provide different or better higher education, but rather it provides "more of the same" as the public sector.