Education Journal


1994.第21卷第2期及第22卷第1期(Vol. 21 No. 2 & Vol. 22 No. 1).pp. 105–110



Economic Growth, Technology Advancement, and the Need for Technical Experts in China

魏新(Xin WEI)




Along with the rapid economic development, there is an increasing demand for educated manpower in China. Many scholars, government officials, and business leaders believe that the economic growth and technology advancement will require more and more specialized technicians and engineers. This paper examines these popular beliefs by presenting a detailed case study of a group of large iron-steel enterprises in China. An econometric model was established on the relationship between the needs for technical experts and the level of technology and the scale of production. The results of the empirical analyses show that the needs for technical experts were increased along with the enlargement of the scale of production, but NOT increased with the upgrading of the level of technology applied in the production process. One possible explanation is that the application of more advanced technology in the production process might simplify the technical operations and thus reduce the number of technical experts needed in the workplace, though it might raise requirements of technical qualifications for this type of manpower.