Education Journal

科學技術社會(STS): 物理教育的世界趨向

1993.第21卷第1期(Vol. 21 No. 1).pp. 87–90


科學技術社會(STS): 物理教育的世界趨向

Science-Technology-Society (STS): A World Trend in Physics Education

杜秉祺(Ping-Kee TAO)




Over the past decade, Science-Technology-Society (STS) has become a major focus in science/physics education worldwide. This has arisen from a widespread recognition that science should be taught in the meaningful context of technology and society. This paper discusses the background of the STS development, STS aims and curriculum emphases, the different modes of STS courses and the range of teaching/learning strategies recommended for teaching STS. As an illustration, the paper describes some locally developed STS curriculum materials in school physics.