Education Journal


2019.第47卷第2期(Vol. 47 No. 2).pp. 103–125


The Influence of Teachers’ Knowledge Transfer and Student Orientation Design on Students’ Absorptive Capacity and Learning Outcome: Student Prior Knowledge as the Moderator

彭耀平、朱艷華、許艷、李慶章(Michael Yao-Ping PENG, Yan-Hua ZHU, Yan XU, & Ching-Chang LEE)





There are many factors influencing the learning outcomes of students, and previous studies all concluded with predetermined variables based on different theories and explored the relevance between these theories and learning outcomes. In this study, two important antecedents, teachers’ knowledge transfer and student orientation, were put forward on the basis of the knowledge conversion theory and the marketing concept to explore the significance of various factors within the structural model. Purposive sampling was adopted to select college students in Taiwan as samples. Efforts were made for balancing the sample numbers of various groups in order to reduce possible deviations brought by regions and university features. A total of 801 questionnaires were collected. Results indicate that teachers’ knowledge transfer had a significant impact on students’ absorptive capacity and learning outcomes; student orientation had a significant impact on students’ absorptive capacity; prior knowledge of students had a positive moderating effect on the influence of teachers’ knowledge transfer on students’ absorptive capacity. Based on the results and findings, this study suggested relevant theoretical and practical implications, presented the limitations of the study, and gave suggestions for future research.

Keywords: teacher’s knowledge transfer; student orientation; absorptive capacity; learning outcome; prior knowledg