Education Journal


2019.第47卷第1期(Vol. 47 No. 1).pp. 1–29


The Implementation and Outcomes of Hong Kong Curriculum Reform in the Past Twenty Years

林智中、余玉珍、李玲(Chi-Chung LAM, Yuk-Chun YU, & Ling LI)





Since the implementation of the large-scale and comprehensive curriculum reform in 2001, the Hong Kong education authority has, in the past 18 years, continuously introduced a series of curriculum reforms such as the “334” curriculum in 2009 and STEM in 2015. In the implementation studies funded by the Government, it was found that this wave of reform has been widely adopted and implemented by teachers and schools. The Government also claimed that the curriculum reform has brought about positive outcomes. Is this really true? This article attempts to review the official reports and studies by academics to assess the level of implementation, to identify the factors affecting the implementation, and also to gauge the outcomes of the reform. Based on the review, direction and strategies of sustainable curriculum development is discussed in the conclusion.

Keywords: curriculum reform; curriculum implementation; curriculum evaluation; Hong Kong