Education Journal


2018.第46卷第2期(Vol. 46 No. 2).pp. 67–86


An Exploration of Citizenship Identity and Civic Awareness: An Analysis of Moral and Civic Education Primary School Textbooks in Macao

黃素君、黃樂源、謝均才(Sou-Kuan VONG, Lok-Un WONG, & Thomas Kwan-Choi TSE)





This article aims to explore the discourses of citizenship identity and civic awareness embedded in the series of Moral and Civic Education primary school textbooks in Macao. The study reveals that: (a) the personal and collective level of civic awareness is the dominant discourse in the textbooks; (b) the textbooks give an important weighting to the cultivation of the character of citizens as well as the importance of individual self-discipline and collective value; (c) patriotic education and civic education intertwine in order to cultivate a patriotic Chinese citizen; (d) “respect” is the key concept in cultivating the global citizen in the textbooks. The citizenship presented in the textbooks emphasizes the formation of national identity, and a form of responsibility-driven civic awareness. In essence, the cultivation of citizenship identity and civic awareness still demonstrates a passive and self-disciplined view. This article suggests that curriculum design should emphasize on the cultivation of fairness and critical thinking in order to fulfill a comprehensive mission and function of citizenship education.

Keywords: citizenship identity; civic awareness; Macao; textbook analysis