Education Journal


2017.第45卷第2期(Vol. 45 No. 2).pp. 67–83


The Spirit of Eurydice on Comparative Education Research

黃柏叡(Bo-Ruey HUANG)





This article analyzed the mission, work and role of Eurydice, and expounded its inheritance and manifestation of Jullien’s comparative education research sprit by literature analysis and historical research methods. As an official educational research institution of the European Union, Eurydice can be considered as inheriting from the initiative and spirit of Jullien’s comparative education research. The research purpose, research methods and scope of comparative education initiated by Jullien in the “Plan and Preliminary Views for a Work on Comparative Education” two hundred years ago was demonstrated and developed in Eurydice’s research work and achievements. Regarding the research purpose of comparative education, Eurydice aims to do educational analysis for policymaking, which is the purpose of educational reform initiated by Jullien. As for the research methods of comparative education, Eurydice establishes educational indicators and databases, demonstrating Jullien’s appeal for educational science. With regard to the research scope of comparative education, Eurydice, being an educational research institution of the European Union, is committed to providing the latest and comprehensive educational information of European countries.

Keywords: Eurydice; Jullien; European Union; comparative education