Education Journal


2017.第45卷第2期(Vol. 45 No. 2).pp. 1–23


The Transformation and Predicament of Character and Moral Education in Taiwan and a Macro-analysis From the Historical Context

李琪明(Angela Chi-Ming LEE)





This article aimed to inquire about the transformation and predicament of character and moral education (CME) in Taiwan from a macro-analysis on the historical context beginning in 1949. Firstly, the author described the background of Taiwan, including from a developing to an industrialized country, from the authoritarianism of Martial Law to full-fledged democracy, and from a single orientation to multiple traits in the sociocultural environment. However, CME has inevitably been facing a number of challenges, i.e., neoliberalism and globalization, national and cultural identity, individualism and relativism etc. Secondly, the author explored CME characteristics of three curriculum periods, including political ideologies at the time of Martial Law enacted, an emerging profession for CME in the initial stage after the lifting of Martial Law, and a broad meaning and multiple values for CME which has been transformed since 2000 until the present day. Moreover, the author discussed the four predicaments of CME. Finally, suggestions and concluding remarks on the development of CME were offered, which include developing a critical thinking on ideologies, rebuilding professions, improving communication to reach identity, as well as insisting on values of justice and caring.

Keywords: character and moral education; macro-analysis; Taiwanese education