Education Journal


2017.第45卷第1期(Vol. 45 No. 1).pp. 181–203


The Relationships Between Webpage Marketing, Brand Image, and Student Loyalty in Teacher Education Departments

陳玉娟(Yu-Chuan CHEN)





Teacher education departments take advantage of webpages as a marketing tool to have interaction with students. This study aimed to investigate the relationships among webpage marketing, brand image, and student loyalty in teacher education departments. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to teacher education departments in different universities and 1,171 valid ones were returned. The confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated a satisfactory fit of the theory, and structural equation modeling was used to validate the research model. Empirical results revealed that brand image played an effective and positive intermediary role in the research model. Brand image, including the functional, experiential and symbolic factors, has proved useful and influential on student loyalty. The research findings provide insight into the management of teacher education departments, and suggest areas for future research.

Keywords: brand image; webpage marketing; student loyalty; teacher education department