Education Journal


2017.第45卷第1期(Vol. 45 No. 1).pp. 1–20


Curricular Strategies of Catering for Individual Differences in Senior Secondary Schools in Hong Kong and Taiwan

林智中、白穎穎、周淑卿(Chi-Chung LAM, Yingying BAI, & Shu-Ching CHOU)





Catering for students’ individual differences is not only the moral responsibility of teachers, it is also a practical task that they need to carry out. Students’ individual differences tend to widen with age. Therefore, it is much more difficult to deal with individual differences for senior form students. In recent years, Hong Kong and Taiwan have extended or plan to extend free education to senior secondary school education. Ensuring all students are properly catered for is a challenge to both curriculum planners and teachers. This study found that both Hong Kong and Taiwan have adopted a range of curricular strategies to cater for students’ differences. Comparatively, the strategies adopted in Hong Kong are less rich and fail to meet the challenge of catering for individual differences. Taiwan is yet to implement the reform. However, based on past experiences of curriculum implementation, Taiwan is likely to face many difficulties in putting the senior secondary school curricular strategies into practice.

Keywords: individual differences; Hong Kong; Taiwan; curricular strategies