Education Journal


2016.第44卷第2期(Vol. 44 No. 2).pp. 143–164


A Comparative Study on Official Educational Research Organizations: Focus on the Research Roles and Types

黃柏叡(Bo-Ruey HUANG)





This article used documentary analysis and comparative method to investigate the development, research roles, research types, and effectiveness evaluations of official educational research organizations, and to understand the positioning of these organizations in the academic community. Official educational research organizations with government resources conduct educational research that emphasizes the investigation and resolving of various educational problems due to social changes in the academic community. The types of research conducted by these organizations are also those that indicate specific bases for action in education policy, provide solutions to educational problems, or compile and disseminate information on education throughout their countries by conducting applied research. When assessing the effectiveness of the research conducted by these organizations, whether the organization has achieved the national objectives or whether it has solved educational problems should be considered; also, whether the research is rigorous, relevant, and utilizable should be taken into account.

Keywords: official educational research organizations; research roles; research types