Education Journal


2016.第44卷第1期(Vol. 44 No. 1).pp. 103–131


A Study of Model Construction of Customer Relationship Management in Taiwan Junior High Schools

張文權、范熾文、潘文福(Wen-Cheng CHANG, Chi-Wen FAN, & Wen-Fu PAN)





This study aimed to investigate the essential aspects and contents of customer relationship management (CRM) with the purpose of constructing a CRM model for the use of junior high schools in Taiwan. The study was conducted by using Delphi method; there were 15 practitioners and academics comprising an expert group for evaluating the appropriateness and importance of this CRM model. The questionnaire was conducted with the expert group for 3 times, and a focus group interview was later conducted with 5 group members to ensure the appropriateness and application of this model. The findings include: (a) this CRM model is composed of six aspects with the support of theory and empirical study, and it can be used for schools to put into practice; (b) the aspects and contents of this CRM model constructed and defined by this study are both “appropriate and important” for junior high schools; (c) “customer relationship ethics” is the most appropriate and important aspect defined by this model, which is also the core aspect when applying this CRM model. Some suggestions are also given for the reference of educational administration units and junior high schools.

Keywords: junior high schools; customer relationship management (CRM); model construction