Education Journal


2016.第44卷第1期(Vol. 44 No. 1).pp. 79–102


A Study of the Implementation of Featured School Led by the Principal: An Investigation of Micropolitical Leadership Matrix

陳幸仁(Hsin-Jen CHEN)





Recently, due to the low birth rate, a few schools are facing the situation of being “shut down.” In order to solve this crisis, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has implemented the policy of “featured school.” The school principal is undoubtedly the key leader in carrying out this policy. This study attempted to analyze how the principal carried out this policy of featured school under the perspective of the theoretical framework of micropolitical leadership matrix. Research findings illustrated four aspects: (a) authoritative leadership would make school administrators perceive that the principal was dominant and autocratic; however, sometimes the principal had no choice but to adopt such a leadership style for implementing the new policy required by the education authorities; (b) adversarial leadership would show the principal’s favoritism toward those administrators appointed by him or her; this leadership style caused conflict or alienation among some colleagues; (c) facilitative leadership was a popular leadership style used by the principal to persuade teachers to implement the policy of featured school; (d) democratic/empowering leadership could be the best leadership style which respect teachers’ opinions and capabilities, and put emphasis on the learning of disadvantaged students.

Keywords: featured school; micropolitics; micropolitical leadership matrix; school leadership