Education Journal


2015.第43卷第2期(Vol. 43 No. 2).pp. 27–50


Enhancing Core Employability of Youth by Means of Voluntary Services

吳芝儀、楊育儀、黃財尉、朱樹燊(Chih-Yi WU, Peter YANG, Tsai-Wei HUANG, & Curtis Shu-Sun CHU)





This study aims to investigate the impacts of volunteering experiences on youth employment and core employability. The research team invited respondents of an online questionnaire survey to participate in one of three focus group interviews held in northern, middle, and southern part of Taiwan respectively. Twenty-eight participants, 9 male and 19 female, all with volunteering and employment experiences and between 18–30 years old, signed up for focus group interviews. The transcripts of the focus groups were thematically analyzed in content. First of all, three themes are proposed to delineate the impacts of volunteering experiences on youth career development: directing career development, increasing opportunities for employment, and promoting workplace know-how. The impacts on core employability among the youth are concluded with six themes: facilitating self-management skills, enhancing expressing and communication skills, increasing team-working skills, cultivating adaptability and problem-solving skills, expanding multi-faceted and open-minded thinking skills, and consolidating career planning skills. Based on the findings and discussions, it is concluded that volunteering experiences have great contribution to youth career development and core employability enhancement.

Keywords: youth; volunteering; career development; core employability