Education Journal


2015.第43卷第1期(Vol. 43 No. 1).pp. 179–203


Constructing and Implementing a Conception Model of Marketing Strategy, Trust, Commitment, and Loyalty for Higher Education Institutions

陳玉娟(Yu-Chuan CHEN)





This study, conducted in 2013, aimed to explore commitment and trust as mediators between marketing strategies and student loyalty in higher education industries. The sample included 421 students. A research model of marketing strategies, commitment, trust, and loyalty was proposed and tested by using a structural equation modeling approach. Results indicated that commitment and trust were mediating factors in the relationship between marketing strategies and loyalty. These findings suggest not only that it is important to consider marketing strategies in understanding student loyalty but also that commitment and trust play important roles in this relationship. Based on research results, the author puts forward a number of relevant directions and implications of findings for school managers. Finally, the author provides some suggestions for future research.

Keywords: marketing strategy; loyalty; commitment; trust; higher education