Education Journal


2015.第43卷第1期(Vol. 43 No. 1).pp. 153–177


“Business–School” Partnership: Equipping Underprivileged Secondary Students in Hong Kong With Skills to Prepare for Further Education and Employment

何瑞珠、姜培芝、楊鎮偉、李文浩(Esther Sui-Chu HO, Chrysa Pui-Chi KEUNG, Walter Chun-Wai YEUNG, & Antony Man-Ho LI)





In most cases, adolescents seek help from their parents and peers when facing the post-secondary decision: continuing education or going for immediate employment. However to those from underprivileged families lacking cultural and social capitals, the exposure and information accessible are limited in preparing them for future development. In such case, participation in activities inside and outside of school is important to them. In particular, activities initiated in the model of “business–school” partnership are seen as good sources of practical information and relevant experiences. The present study collected survey data from a large-scale “business–school” partnership project in Hong Kong, involving about 3,800 secondary students in 2013. Multiple regression modeling was conducted to examine the relationship between students’ participation in those activities under the project and their skills to prepare for further education and employment. Results showed that, when personal and family backgrounds (i.e., gender, place of birth, family structure, socioeconomic status) are taken into account, participation in such activities has significantly positive impact on developing underprivileged students’ skills to prepare for further education and employment.

Keywords: “business–school” partnership; underprivileged students; skills to prepare for further education and employment; career development