Education Journal


2014.第42卷第1期(Vol. 42 No. 1).pp. 101–120


Hong Kong Teachers’ Concerns About Using Putonghua as the Medium of Instruction for Teaching Chinese Language (PMI) in Primary and Secondary Schools

寇志暉、張善培(Christy Zhihui KOU & Derek Sin-Pui CHEUNG)





In Hong Kong, Putonghua has been promoted for more than 10 years as a medium of instruction for teaching Chinese language (PMI) in schools. However, teachers have encountered difficulty in implementing this innovation with a lot of concerns. This study aimed to investigate Chinese language teachers’ major concerns. An open-ended questionnaire was administered to 33 in-service teachers who studied for a master’s degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The survey revealed that teachers were most concerned about whether using Putonghua as the medium of instruction has positive effects on the teaching and learning of Chinese. Three important aspects are analyzed and discussed: teaching competence, students’ learning abilities, and curriculum and instructional design. This article not only reports the voices of frontline teachers but also provides suggestions for alleviating teachers’ concerns and strategies for improving Chinese language education in schools.

Keywords: teachers’ concerns; PMI (Putonghua as the medium of instruction for teaching Chinese language); classroom learning abilities