Education Journal


2014.第42卷第1期(Vol. 42 No. 1).pp. 77–100


An Elementary School Teacher’s Action Research on Developing PowerPoint (PPt) for Three-digit Addition/Subtraction Instruction

吳金聰、梁淑坤(Chin-tsung WU & Shuk-kwan S. LEUNG)


本研究透過教師專業成長團隊協助一位教師進行三位數加減計算及文字題簡報(PowerPoint, PPt)的製作與教學,探討該教師在製作簡報及其教學時的成長問題。其中由一位資深教師參與行動研究,五位專家教師參與對話並提供簡報與教學修改建議,兩位教授協助審查簡報及提供簡報修改建議。本研究歷經教材理解、教學轉化、教學試驗等三階段,並依此三階段蒐集與分析資料。資料以簡報、教案、審查簡報意見、教學、晤談、文件、反省單、聚會記錄等質化資料為主,以習作答對率及喜歡百分率等量化資料為輔。研究發現,該教師經團隊及專家學者協助,在「位值概念與加減算則的複習」、「加減計算的搭鷹架與撤鷹架」、「簡報中呈現以線段圖引導學生思考題意與解題」、「簡報中出現『先算』、『再算』等重要語句,引導學生思考解題」等主題上,問題獲得改善或解決進而成長。



This study reports the growth of Ms. Yu (a veteran elementary school teacher) with team support, through action research of the development and evaluation of PowerPoint (PPt) for three-digit addition/subtraction instruction. The participating team consisted of 5 other veteran teachers and 2 professors. The action researcher walked through cycles of three stages: (a) comprehension of curricular materials, (b) transformation into teaching, and (c) experimental teaching. Data collected included qualitative data (PPt, lesson plans, review comments of PPt, teaching and interview documents, reflections, minutes of meeting) and quantitative data (percentages of worksheet accuracy and students who liked the PPt instruction). Through team support and several action research cycles, Ms. Yu exhibited growth in the areas of “place value and algorithm revisions,” “addition/subtraction and scaffolding,” “providing line graphs in PPt,” and “inclusion of reminders for steps I and II in PPt.” The investigators also reported evidence of her growth in mathematics knowledge for teaching.

Keywords: addition/subtraction; professional development; technology integration; PowerPoint (PPt)