Education Journal


2013.第41卷第1–2期(Vol. 41 Nos. 1–2).pp. 47–63


Teacher Collaboration in School-based Teaching and Research: A Case Study of a Primary School in the Chinese Mainland

喬雪峰、黎萬紅(Xuefeng QIAO & Manhong LAI)





Over the past two decades, research studies about teacher collaboration has been largely focused on its conceptualization and measurement, yet relatively little explores teachers’ perception and engagement in the specific interactive process. This study investigates school-based teaching and research in the Chinese mainland from the perspective of communities of practice. It interprets the dynamic nature of teacher collaboration from three dimensions: communities, norms of interaction, and orientation toward development. The findings reveal that situated in a structured organizational system, teacher collaboration is operated under a top-down approach. Guided by teacher leaders, teachers follow a unified orientation to discuss teaching practice. It shows that teachers are bonded as a clan, and engaged in the reproduction of paradigmatic teaching practice. Teachers’ professional discourse is limited during the process.

Keywords: communities of practice; teacher collaboration; school-based teaching and research