Education Journal


2013.第41卷第1–2期(Vol. 41 Nos. 1–2).pp. 27–45


Secondary School Students’ Difficulties and Learning Expectation in Integrated Chinese Language Tasks in Hong Kong

祝新華、鄔嬿妮(Xinhua ZHU & Yinlei WU)





The study explored secondary school students’ difficulties and learning expectation in integrated Chinese language tasks (listening-reading-writing) through investigating students and interviewing teachers. A total of 732 secondary 4 students from 11 secondary schools in Hong Kong completed the questionnaires that addressed their perceived difficulties and learning expectation in integrated Chinese language tasks. Meanwhile, seven teachers of Chinese language from different schools participated in a focus group interview. The study found that, compared with independent tasks (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), students felt more difficult in doing integrated Chinese language tasks. The most difficult two parts are “opinion and argument” and “citation and synthesis” because they are related to high-order thinking. Moreover, students had difficulties in time allocation and content organization when they did integrated tasks. Suggestions about how to improve Chinese language teaching are also discussed briefly.

Keywords: integrated Chinese language ability; learning difficulties; learning expectations