Educational Research Journal

Urban High School Physical Education: A Synthesis of the Literature in Academic Journals (2003–2013)

2014.第29卷第1及2期(Vol. 29 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 69–90

Urban High School Physical Education: A Synthesis of the Literature in Academic Journals (2003–2013)



With increasing worldwide migration, and the United States experiencing growth in major cities, greater numbers of diverse students are predominantly featured in urban schools. Physical education is an area of school curriculum that experiences the direct impact of urban diversity. The purpose of this literature-based study was to examine research that helps inform physical education curriculum and prepare teachers for professional engagement in schools. Data collection involved the online ProQuest Physical Education Index database of a southern university’s library to search articles from 2003–2013. Four phases were used in data collection. Phase I concerned selection of English-only peer-reviewed articles, yielding 112 articles. Phases II and III involved use of constant comparison method (Keener & Bargerhuff, 2006) to determine the relevance of articles to the study. Of the 112 articles, researchers found 26 articles to analyze for emergent themes (phase IV). Findings of the study revealed the following themes: limited research on urban physical education, impact ofprofessional development on urban teachers, urban youth and access to physical activity environments, physical activity levels of urban youth, personal and emotional paradigms, and curricular programming and perspectives. The article concludes with suggestions for change to curricular offerings in physical education in urban contexts.

Keywords: high school; physical education; urban