Education Journal


1980.第8卷第1期(Vol. 8 No. 1).pp. 15–22


A Study of Social-class Difference in Intellectual Abilities of Primary 5 Students in Hong Kong

蘇德明、蕭炳基(Annie SO & Ping-Kee SIU)




The study is to investigate the social-class difference in associative (level I) ability and conceptual (level II) ability as defined by Arthur Jensen. A sample of 160 students was drawn from primary five classes of two selected schools as representatives of M-SES and L-SES groups which were classified in terms of residential and occupational criteria. The associative ability was measured by the Digit-span test (DS) while the conceptual ability, by Raven's Progressive Matrices (PM). The findings on DS test tended to support Jensen's theory but those on PM contradicted his results. The differential influences of genetic and environmental factors on intellectual development in social classes were discussed in connection with the findings. Jensen's hypothesis on the relationship between social class and the two-level model of ability was not supported by the present results.