Educational Research Journal


2012.第27卷第1及2期(Vol. 27 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 149–180


Challenges That Pre-Service Teachers Encounter in Implementing Issue-based Approach: Case Studies on Four Pre-Service Teachers in Liberal Studies Subject of New Senior Secondary Curriculum in Hong Kong

徐慧璇、陳健生(Huixuan XU & Jacqueline Kin-sang CHAN)





Through the case study on four pre-service teachers, this article investigates the challenges and difficulties of pre-service teachers in Liberal Studies subject in their implementation of issue-based approach. The study found that pre-service teachers faced four kinds of tensions during their teaching practice period, namely adopting a broad or in-depth approach on learning; completing all units within timeframe or implementing issue-inquiring strategies; problems of engaging all students in learning; and conducting examination-oriented or student-centered teaching. The above tensions have different influences on the four pre-service teachers, depending on their professional background and teaching beliefs. Finally, the article discussed those challenges and difficulties thoroughly and made recommendations on improvements.