Asian Journal of Counselling

Career Centers in Higher Education in South Korea: Past, Present, and Future

2012.第19卷第1及2期(Vol. 19 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 53–73

Career Centers in Higher Education in South Korea: Past, Present, and Future


Eunjoo YANG, Sang Min LEE, & Sung-Sik AHN(楊恩周、李相旼、安晟植)


Career centers in South Korean universities have evolved to meet the career needs of college students and societal changes. The rapid increase in unemployment rates in the recent 20 years has heightened the importance of university career centers, yet a systematic career service model has not been devised to reflect the diverse career needs of college students. This article investigates the current situation of service delivery of university career centers in South Korea. A total of 15 career centers responded to the questions about how often they provided specific career services and how important each service was in their service delivery. Results showed that the career centers focused more on career placement than career exploration services. Also, there were discrepancies between the most frequently offered services and the most important services. Based on the results, future tasks for career centers are discussed in terms of the balance between career exploration and placement services, staff expertise, technology use, and tailored programs for specialized career fields.

Keywords: university career centers; career services; college students