Education Journal


2012.第40卷第1–2期(Vol. 40 Nos. 1–2).pp. 15–30


An Alternative Approach to the Curriculum Theorizing of Teachers

歐用生(Yung-Sheng OU)





Traditionally, the ways of how teachers theorize their curriculum practices were usually developed through the epistemological and methodological approaches. However, the dialectical relationship between curriculum theory and practice seemingly never happened through these approaches while teachers theorized their curricula. Based on the ontological paradigm, such as those of hermeneutics, aesthetics, and view of arts, an alternative approach to teachers’ curriculum theorizing might be developed through the concept of mythopoetic and a/r/tography (A/r/t). Focusing on the dialectic between theory and practice, this study attempts to explore the concepts of mythopoetic and A/r/t, and discusses the implication on the curriculum theorizing of teachers.

Keywords: dialectic; ontology; mythopoetic; a/r/tography (A/r/t)